What We Do

Why Should We Help Fathers?

For many years our society has been working very hard to support single mothers – and rightly so. A quick internet search will find many programs available to assist in this trying situation.

Looking at the Statistics...

If we take a look at teen pregnancy, we find that these children are seven times more likely to live without a father in the home. And if there isn’t a dad around, we find that youth incarceration rates rise to 85% and suicide in teens without a father in the home can be as much as 63%. We need to continue to support single moms, but we may be losing ground by failing to look at the reason that these moms are living with their children without a dad in the home.

43% of homes in the Kansas City urban core do not have a father in the home. This is where Fatherhood Foundations steps in.

Fatherhood Foundations' vision is to restore authentic and flourishing relationships between fathers and children. We exist to provide instruction, inspiration, and encouragement to fathers, helping their children realize that they belong, are loved and affirmed, so that they and their children can be the best they can be.

We Believe In:

This is done through a series of programs and meetings with dedicated fathers over many weeks teaching from a proven curriculum.
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