Havannah Foster
February 29, 2024
Christmas in KC

We at Fatherhood Foundations had an amazing Christmas season with a few events that we want to highlight. It was a joy to celebrate the men we work with and hear some testimonies of how God is working to change their lives!


We partner with Healing House, a rehabilitation program for men and women while they get back on their feet from drug and alcohol abuse and/or time in prison. We also teach Good Dads classes there and love being a part of what God is doing through this ministry. 

At Healing House, participants live in houses with a leader who maintains order and structure.  There are currently fourteen houses for men, all of whom were either homeless or ex-convicts, who have united in pursuit of clean lives and making an impact on the world around them. They finally have a safe place, a home, to receive love and encouragement when at their darkest moments, and ready to give up.  Healing House equips participants with the tools they need to grow into the men that God created them to be. 

We were invited to a Christmas party where the male participants and leaders celebrated what God is doing in their lives. Bobbi Jo, the founder of Healing House, served a beautiful dinner. She then asked each of the men to share something they were thankful for, which took over an hour and a half to complete as there were around 120 men in attendance. Many expressed gratefulness for how God is changing their lives through sobriety and for the community that He has allowed them to be a part of through Healing House. Pastor Don said it was phenomenal to witness these men sharing parts of their stories. 

Tim, an alumnus of Healing House and one of the current staff members, shared his testimony.  After completing the Good Dads training, Tim married and his wife became pregnant, but then sadly, they lost the baby. This heartbreaking loss triggered him and he reverted to smoking as a means of coping with the pain. Because the men at Healing House encouraged and helped him through this time, he was able to stay clean from his previous addictions to drugs and alcohol. Through this experience, he is learning to prioritize time with his wife and not fall into unhealthy patterns to cope with the loss and pain. 

We were honored by Bobbi Jo’s invitation to celebrate what God is doing through Healing House. She has a powerful testimony of redemption from addictions and a painful lifecycle of abuse. God saved her life many times and led her to establish Healing House. We highly encourage you to watch her story but advise viewer discretion as there is drug and rape content in graphic detail.  Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence  

Lastly, we want to recap our other Christmas event on December 23. We collaborated with Dads Against Crime and provided thirty families with a meal, activities, and gifts. Parents were given large Santa-like bags to “shop” for their kids while childcare was provided. God provided a major discount from the caterer which was an awesome blessing! Noah Gray, the second tight end for the Chiefs, stopped by to take pictures and sign autographs, which the news captured as a fun highlight of the night. 

We are in awe of what God is doing through Healing House and Fatherhood Foundations. We are grateful for your prayers and support and ask that you continue partnering with us to see families’ lives transformed. God is faithfully at work, and we are thankful for the opportunities he has given us to share in what he is doing here in Kansas City.




Thank you for all your prayers and support; we could not do this work without you!

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